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Sandomierz - pearl of the region

Touring the Świętokrzyskie, it is proper to visit Sandomierz, city of artists and tourists. A visit to the city may be started from the Castle founded by Casmir the Great, which now houses the District Museum. Right next to the Castle there is St. James's church, one of the first churches in Poland built of bricks, a picturesque Queen Jadwiga Ravine and, the cathedral of the Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary located on the neighbouring hill. Next to Canon's House there is Długosz House with its Diocesan Museum inside. Collegium Gostomianum – one of the oldest secondary school in Poland – is also worth seeing. The centre of Sandomierz is a historic market square with the town hall in the middle, which was erected in the 1st half of the 14th century. Next to the town hall there is an exit of underground tourist route. While being in Sandomierz one must climb to the top of the Opatowska Gate to admire the city and a beautiful panorama together with the Vistula River.

Tourist Information Point

Polish Tourist Country-Lovers' Society (PTTK) Sandomierz Division
ul. Rynek 12, 27-600 Sandomierz
phone (+4815) 832 23 05, fax (+4815) 832 26 82,


Apart from well-known Polish jokes about the town, it is also famous for the Cisterians who came here in 1179. Among all attractions of the town of Wąchock, there are the Romanesque buildings of the Cistercian Abbey that are recognized as the most precious monuments of Romanesque architecture in Poland. The monastery complex also belongs to the most important buildings of “the Cistercian Route” and “the Romanesque Route”.

The Cistercian Abbey in Wąchock

ul. Kościelna 14, 27-215 Wąchock near Starachowice
phone(+4841) 271 50 66

Nowa Słupia

When we are on Święty Krzyż Mountain, we should visit Nowa Słupia,- picturesquely located at the foot of Łysa Góra Mountain. The first recorded mention of Nowa Słupia as a town can be found in the documents from 1351. One of the oldest historical monuments of Nowa Słupia is St. Lawrence's Church dating back to 1678. At the entrance gate to the Świętokrzyski National Park there is a stone statue of a pilgrim. According to the legend the pilgrim heads for Święty Krzyż Mountain, making a distance equal to a poppy seed each year and, when he finally reaches the mountain, the world will come to an end. Old metallurgic furnace support stands, which were discovered at the foot of Łysa Góra Mountain, made Nowa Słupia a town famous worldwide. On the basis of these discoveries “Dymarki Świętokrzyskie” a tourist brand product was developed and every year its visits tourist a lot.

Tourist Information Point

ul. Świętokrzyska 18, 26-006 Nowa Słupia
phone:(+4841) 317 76 26, (+4841) 317 70 13,


Bieliny is located on the cross-roads for main car, cross-country skiing, walking and bike tourist routes leading on Święty Krzyż. An attraction for tourists wandering in the area can be encounters with eremite monks living in forest shelters, strzygas (evil bloodsucking creatures) and ghouls sitting on thresholds of houses and lurking in the attic and round the corners of houses of witches heading for Łysica Mountain in search of magic herbs. Nearly in Kakonin, we must see a wooden cottage with its furnishings dating back to the middle of 19th century and also meet on the route a mighty higwayman- Kak.

Information Centre in Bieliny

ul. Partyzantów 17, 26-004 Bieliny, phone (+4841) 30 25 089

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